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Structured Inc.


Structured Inc. has been in operation since April 2017, offering reliable IT Management Services, Business Phone Systems, Project Management and System Documentation Services to Lexington, Kentucky and the surrounding areas.

Structured Inc. typically works with companies who have between two and 100 employees. The Structured Inc. team serves as a personal IT and phone department for their clients, with a focus on providing security solutions and disaster recovery efforts. Help desk technicians are available both during normal business hours and after-hours to troubleshoot everyday IT issues such as printer problems, networking, running cables, slow systems, consulting, vendor management, training and more.

“The policy at Structured Inc. is to treat all customers with respect and a sense of urgency, because that’s how we want to be treated when we are the customer,” said Eric Crabtree, Structured Inc.’s cofounder and Chief Technology Officer.

Structured Inc. notes that their specialty is cleaning up issues their clients consider to be “big messes.” Cofounder and CEO Lindsey Crabtree leads the charge to manage projects and document key steps and processes for Structured Inc. customers. Structured Inc. operates with the philosophy that for a business to survive and thrive, there must be a strong foundation in both technology and process.

The owners of Structured Inc., Lindsey and Eric Crabtree, have a passion for seeing local businesses grow and thrive. Lindsey and Eric know that as local businesses flourish, they are equipped to give back to members of the community who are less fortunate.

“We have a small business ourselves, so we know what it has taken to build our business and to see growth year after year. We want success for other businesses so we can all continue to support our community and provide resources to those who need them most,” said Lindsey.

One of the best resources that Lindsey and Eric have found to support their growing Structured Inc. team is the KYPTAC office. As Eric said, “[KYPTAC] has been amazing and has really gone above and beyond to help us grow. Their team spent time one-on-one with us, building our bid match profile so we can search for government contracts. They also worked with us to hone our messaging for specific audiences and presentations. We were blown away by the level of service they offer Kentucky businesses at no charge.”

For more information on Structured Inc. or to sign up for their Security Newsletter, visit their website at


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