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PreventScripts is on a mission to simplify healthy living for all patients. Founded in 2014, their vision is to partner with primary care providers to support their practice growth and advancement by enabling, with ease, the addition of a chronic condition preventive health service line. Their health outcomes thus far support clinically significant weight loss and blood pressure reductions. PreventScripts helps providers realize what is known as “The Holy Grail of Healthcare'' which is disease prevention at its earliest inflection point. This embodies why providers went into medicine in the first place.

Primary care practices have historically provided “sick care” at the front lines of healthcare. As chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension have increased in prevalence, primary care providers have taken on the additional role of longer-term disease managers. Now, as healthcare takes yet another turn to reduce costs and improve patient care, a focus on prevention is on the horizon.

PreventScripts automates collection and scoring of validated risk assessment surveys while engaging patients in their color-coded chronic disease risk at the point of care. A focus on diagnosing metabolic syndrome has become an important differentiator because this goes undiagnosed significantly in the clinic setting, mostly due to disparate data and limited “what now” interventions once a diagnosis is made. Simultaneous Clinical Decision Support helps providers understand patients’ motivation levels and which patients are likely to comply and adhere to provider-led interventions. Automating enrollment in PreventScripts’ engaging provider-led interventions helps generate significant revenues for customer practices while providing deeper and earlier care for their rising risk population, decades before chronic diseases drive patients to the hospital and emergency rooms.

Each component of the PreventScripts™ platform was created based on evidence in the field, including the provision of: (1) a web-based pre-visit patient self-assessment that (2) provides appropriate care pathways; (3) a Remote Monitoring (RM) app-based program, which utilizes several evidence-based behavioral interventions to help participants simplify healthy living behaviors and (4) enables shared decision-making conversations between patients and PCPs. Features include biometric messaging for blood pressure and blood sugar, Bluetooth connected scale for daily self-weighing, passive mobile pedometer tracking, and mobile fruit and vegetable tracking, all of which use a mobile health gamification and color-coding systems.

The cornerstone and differentiator is the My Plans tool, a dynamic patient goal planning feature that allows patients to select and learn about a specific healthy living behavior for intentional change based on the successful and proven “5As” (ask, assess, advise, agree, and assist) for obesity counseling. Monthly reports for providers facilitate a shared decision-making approach with the primary care team. Ongoing patient engagement is provided by PreventScripts and includes daily “PrevenTIPs” customized to the patient's goal of choice and weekly surveys to check in on progress and barriers.

PreventScripts receives assistance from KY APEX Accelerator with all things related to government contracting, including strategy, research and completing the HUBZone application.

The PreventScripts team is always open to exploring new use cases. Contact them via email at or visit their website at to learn more.


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