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Meremel Group LLC


Meremel Group LLC was founded in 2022 and brings over 20 years of work experience in remote team training, leadership development, coaching, talent acquisition and virtual office support. Dr. Melody Rawlings, founder and CEO of Meremel Group, established the company out of a desire to help organizations achieve measurable success in these key areas.

Dr. Rawlings is a business owner as well as a professor with a doctorate degree in leadership and education and a master’s degree in science & technology. She has taught team development at the master’s level for over 20 years, and she boasts over a decade of experience in talent recruitment and leadership development.

Dr. Rawlings currently serves as Director of the Center for the Advancement of Virtual Organizations. She has presented on organizational leadership at international conferences including the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the International Leadership Association and the Association for Conflict Resolution. She has also published numerous peer-reviewed articles on determining leadership potential, and she co-authored the book Determining Leadership Potential: Powerful Insights to Winning at the Talent Game that was published by Routledge in 2022.

This rich background led Dr. Rawlings to recognize the need for organizations to (1) identify and recruit candidates with high leadership potential and the right company fit, (2) develop remote team leadership skills and (3) employ virtual office assistants to help with a multitude of tasks related to office organization and administration. She has put her extensive expertise and knowledge on these topics to work in developing Meremel Group, with the mission to assist companies seeking solutions in any or all of these areas.

One unique service provided by Meremel Group is remote team training. As a result of the pandemic, the need for remote and hybrid work teams has drastically increased. These teams have different needs and challenges than face-to-face teams and require intentional actions and behaviors by leaders and managers. Associates at Meremel Group are experienced remote team members and trainers equipped with the expertise to help businesses build and develop high-functioning teams across a spectrum of remote and hybrid structures.

The Meremel Group also serves the needs of high-profile client businesses such as Proctor & Gamble, Toyota and Fidelity Investments by supplying employment candidates with the highest potential for achieving organizational goals. The Meremel Group team prioritizes finding and placing candidates who are the best possible fit for the client company, not only in skillset but also in consideration of company culture and mission.

As a woman-owned small business with WOSB certification pending, Meremel Group LLC seeks to partner with both subcontractors and prime contractors to fulfill contract requirements in the areas of talent recruitment, virtual office assistance and remote team and leadership development. Meremel Group’s CEO, Dr. Melody Rawlings, shared that Kentucky APEX Accelerator has been instrumental in providing resources and assistance across a range of topics related to government contracting.

In the words of Dr. Rawlings, “The guidance, support and encouragement from Lynn Lewis, Procurement Consultant for Northern Kentucky, has been invaluable in navigating the contracting process across all levels.”

You can learn more about Meremel Group LLC by visiting their website and by connecting with Dr. Melody Rawlings on LinkedIn. They would love to hear from you!


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