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E&P Mobile Welding LLP


E&P Mobile Welding is a veteran-owned small business providing mobile welding, fabrication and installation services to the commercial construction industry. It was founded in 2020 by two young skilled professional tradesmen, Drew Everett and CJ Prowant. Both tradesmen met in high school while attending Boone County Technical Schools, where they learned the skill of welding. While their careers took them on different paths, including the military, they continued to excel at all aspects of welding and earned various construction certifications to enhance their education in trade fabrication.

Collectively, E&P Mobile Welding encompasses 28 years of welding and metal fabrication experience, including MIG, TIG and stick welding. High-rise structural welding is the backbone of their business. E&P has vast experience in blueprint interpretation, bridge welding certificates and OSHA 30 cards. Because of this experience, E&P can move fluidly and safely in a variety of construction environments, from small, dynamic and fast-paced to large and complex.

Lynn Louis with KY APEX Accelerator has been credited with elevating the playing field for E&P Mobile Welding. Drew Everett noted, “Lynn’s relentless outreach has been a tremendous help on getting our VOSB certification and navigating the website. She has personally reached out to other construction companies on our behalf.”

While these young tradesmen hold many of the skills needed for exceptional welding and fabrication and have become an integral part of the construction sites where they work, the company needed improvement in the areas of procurement and bidding, as well as the financial side of the construction industry. Ms. Louis was instrumental in enrolling E&P Mobile Welding into the 2023 cohort of the Turner/UK Construction Diversity Accelerator, a program designed to help fill those knowledge gaps for small companies in construction-related industries. CJ Prowant stated, “That is where the real learning curve started on the financial side of the business and helped improve our processes and efficiency in the business. The extended program was a commitment for our young families and for both of us. We work smarter now.”

The experiential learning program within the Turner/UK Construction Diversity Accelerator divided Everett and Prowant into different teams, where they navigated a mock bid project that cultivated deep understanding of teaming on a live bidding process. At the end of the program, Prowant’s team was selected as the winning team with the strongest mock bid proposal.

As E&P Mobile Welding’s business continues to grow, their partnership with Lynn has not stopped. Everett stated, “The KY APEX Accelerator program didn’t leave us when the program ended with the Turner/UK Construction Diversity Program. Recently, Lynn found us a resource to be bonded, and this was a big step for us as a company. The KY APEX program is working; E&P Mobile Welding is their success story. For our company, we just need more programs to acknowledge the value and the diversity of a VOSB certification.”

To learn more about E&P Mobile Welding, visit their website. You can also contact them by email at or by phone at (859) 620-7233. They would love to hear from you!


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