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Dudley Freight Shipping LLC


Since 2008, Dudley Freight Shipping LLC (also known as Dudley Transportation) has been providing clients with safe and expedient service, going above and beyond to build not just a trucking company but also a respected brand.

Founded by Dennyson Dudley, who possesses an entrepreneurial spirit coupled with a strong work ethic, this company focuses on one load at a time, which has served them well as they have grown from one tractor-trailer to nine units in seven years. In a time-sensitive, cash-intensive industry, they believe professionalism is key as they put the client first and take pride in doing business as safely and efficiently as possible.

Dennyson Dudley believes that starting a trucking company can be a lucrative venture for entrepreneurs, like himself, with a passion for logistics and transportation. Whether they're looking to break into the industry or expand like Dudley Transportation, careful planning and execution are key to success.

First and foremost, entrepreneurs should conduct thorough market research to understand the demand for trucking services in their area and identify potential competitors. They should assess the specific needs of industries such as manufacturing, retail and government that rely heavily on transportation. Dudley notes, "One of the things that KY APEX Accelerator has been able to do for Dudley Transportation is to assist with market research in the government sector."

Next, they should develop a comprehensive business plan outlining the company's mission, target market, services offered, pricing strategy and financial projections. Factors such as fleet size, types of trucks needed, routes and operational costs should be considered. Entrepreneurs should determine whether they will specialize in long-haul freight, local delivery or niche markets like refrigerated transport or hazardous materials. "Pricing is critical in this industry, and the margins are very thin,” Dudley says. “KY APEX Accelerator has been able to provide some previous contract pricing information."

Obtaining the necessary permits and licenses is crucial for legal compliance. Researching federal, state and local regulations governing the trucking industry, including Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements, commercial driver's license (CDL) regulations and permits for interstate or hazardous cargo transportation is essential.

Building relationships with shippers, freight brokers and other industry partners is vital for securing contracts and establishing a reliable customer base. Networking within the industry through trade associations, conferences and online forums can help entrepreneurs expand their reach and stay updated on industry trends and opportunities. As Dudley observes, "One of the items where KY APEX has been able to help is the submission for socioeconomic certifications that are under application."

Finally, Dudley mentions, "My consultant is assisting me with exploring potential markets with the U.S. Postal Service and additional subcontracting opportunities with some Prime Carriers."

To learn more about Dudley Transportation, contact Dennyson Dudley by email at or by phone at (270) 996-0323. He would love to hear from you!


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