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Cosmos Technologies Inc.


Cosmos Technologies Inc. was founded in 1998 by Frederick Douglas, who began the business in his dining room. Initially, the company offered environmental services, and it has since grown to provide civil engineering design, water/wastewater treatment design, water resources engineering, environmental and safety management, construction management and inspection, and transportation and structural engineering.

The company has grown from one employee to a projected 27 employees in 2024, and from one office in Pittsburgh, PA to four additional offices in Louisville, KY; Harrisburg, PA; Akron, OH and Cleveland, OH. The core values that drive Cosmos are its mission to create employment and develop employees, to be a positive force in the communities the company serves and to improve the environmental conditions within the world in which we live.

Cosmos received a major opportunity from the USACE Huntington District in 2005 to provide Quality Assurance Assistance for the construction of the Marmet Locks and Dams in Charleston, WV. According to Mr. Douglas, “The USACE Huntington, West Virginia is essentially the reason why Cosmos is in business today.” It was this opportunity, through the SBA’s 8(a) Business Development Program, that gave the company the legs to stand on.

With 25 years of engineering experience, the innovative nature of the company is demonstrated in its development of a patented Advanced Catalytic Oxidation Process (ACOP) to solve legacy environmental challenges. The process is patented in the United States, Canada, Australia, Chile and South Africa.

Cosmos installed a commercial process to address a client’s environmental challenge of acid mine drainage (AMD), highly concentrated in aluminum and iron. The Cosmos patented ACOP process removed over 99% of these contaminants in a continuous flow operation design. This process has several applications: the treatment of oil and gas wastewaters, mining wastewaters, oxidation of recalcitrant organic compounds, and in general, the treatment of heavily contaminated mixed metals industrial wastewaters. The process can also concentrate rare Earth metals to achieve feasible removal without using selective precipitation.

Cosmos participates in communities where it does business. Recently, the Cosmos team hosted a workshop with over 30 students between the ages of 14 and 19 to discuss environmental sustainability and to emphasize the need for taking environmental stewardship.

The company continues to grow by identifying clients' changing needs and increasing its capacity to meet them. Mr. Douglas shared, “KY APEX Accelerator is assisting Cosmos leadership in broadening its outreach in federal contracting opportunities. Cosmos has already received great insight into the federal outreach process. This support is invaluable to us.”

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