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Wrigley Media Group Selected by U.S. Copyright Office to Produce Informational and Tutorial Videos

Lexington, KY. - February 2021 – Kentucky’s Wrigley Media Group is chosen by the U.S. Copyright Office in Washington, D.C. to produce up to twelve animated informational & tutorial videos. The videos, produced by Wrigley Media, will be completed by this fall and will reside on as expert guidance from the perspective of the U.S. Copyright Office.

“Wrigley Media has continued to expand their work beyond local and state government agencies and organizations. This project, with the U.S. Copyright Office, was right in our wheelhouse and we look forward to the opportunity to work with one of our country’s most esteemed institutions.” said Wrigley Media Group SVP, Business Development Jay Hall.

In addition to the website, videos will be shared via social media, YouTube and presentations. Wrigley Media’s expert editors will utilize motion graphics 2D animation to create these engaging and educational videos. This method makes for an entertaining and clear visual, helping the viewer to easily comprehend the information being presented.

“Wrigley Media continues to be an American innovator in video and animated productions. They provide jobs to 31 highly experienced, award-winning, industry professionals that create and distribute content across multiple platforms. As a comprehensive provider of video production services from concept, through production, to distribution, the Kentucky-based brand is dedicated to bringing impactful results to the government procurement domain.” said Nancy Brown, Director of the Kentucky Procurement Technical Assistance Center.

About Wrigley Media Group – Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, Wrigley Media Group is an evolved media company that conceives, creates, produces and distributes all forms of media content under one roof. With clients throughout the world, Wrigley Media Group is the vanguard of today’s new communications and media landscape and emphasizes services that transcend conventional advertising and marketing paradigms. Owned by award-winning businesswoman Misdee Wrigley Miller; led daily by a group of media-savvy, production-experienced men and women, Wrigley Media has earned industry-leader status in motion graphics, digital marketing, social media, and branding, and possesses a profound knowledge of the new media platforms for mass consumption. More on, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.


Media Contact: Debra Locker Group – and 859.536.0282


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