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Tip Tuesday: Make FY2022 Your Best Year Ever - Be Positioned

This tip is from an article published in our monthly KYPTAC Newsletter through Govology. If you have any questions about this topic, please contact your KYPTAC Consultant. Not a client? Sign up here.

Welcome to the federal fiscal year 2022. It is an exciting time to be a federal contractor as the government is increasingly looking to leverage its "procurement power" to boost the growth of small and disadvantaged businesses. From a commitment to increase spending with Small Disadvantaged Businesses to the pending rollout of one of the largest infrastructure stimuli and spending plans ever, the future looks bright and loaded with many opportunities for small businesses. That said, the flow of those future dollars will only come your way if you are prepared, positioned, and informed. Throughout October, Tip Tuesday will examine each of these factors.

What does it mean to be positioned?

When you first register to do business with the federal government in the System for Award Management (SAM), you'll see open market opportunities expected to exceed $25k, which are also published in SAM. However, you won't see open-market opportunities below $25k because they don't get publicized in SAM. Similarly, you won't see many opportunities inside contract vehicles to which you don't have access.

Hence, you must understand who buys your type of product or service and how they buy it. This knowledge will help you position your offer effectively - i.e., have the right value proposition for the right buyer at the right time and place. Positioning is about being proactive. It may even involve creating your own opportunities by reaching out to your target customers. Sadly, many businesses fail to understand this concept and exit the government marketplace frustrated after finding no opportunities in SAM. For help with market research, contact your KYPTAC consultant or sign up at Our services are FREE and always will be.

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