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Senez Consulting INC


Senez Consulting INC, also known as SenezCo, is a specialist firm with expertise in fire protection design and engineering, building code consulting and forensic engineering. SenezCo’s scope of services encompasses conceptual design to post-incident investigations across a wide range of markets, from residential to heavy industrial to public transit. Their mission is to solve complex fire and building code issues so projects can move forward!

With office locations in Kentucky, Texas, North Carolina, Canada and France, the SenezCo team collaborates with architectural and engineering firms on complex projects around the world. Their international team of experienced engineers and consultants develop performance-based solutions that comply with the requirements of local codes and standards while remaining cost-effective.

SenezCo provides clients with consulting, design and forensic expertise for a wide variety of buildings and structures. Their team has in-depth knowledge of the origin of building and fire codes and their application to all building types, as well as fire protection engineering, computer modelling and research. This provides SenezCo with a unique perspective when approaching work in this specialized area.

SenezCo validates their performance-based design solutions using specialized software tools that allow for in-depth analysis. In addition, they liaise effectively with the many authorities involved and utilize sophisticated computer modelling to provide reports in support of their technical reviews and certification.

Dedicated to science, SenezCo’s focus on improving fire engineering solutions for products, buildings and forensic analyses provides stakeholders with the information needed to make assessments and decisions. Through a combination of continuous technical advancement and forward thinking, the status quo is merely a launch platform for imagination, creative and critical thinking, combined with science and engineering as key tools to achieve results.

Tony Cole, founder of SenezCo and current Vice President of U.S. Operations, shared that working with the Kentucky APEX Accelerator has been vital to the company’s entrance into the sphere of government procurement.

“When I started this business in May 2023,” Tony said, “I had included chasing U.S. Federal Government work as part of our business plan. I tried to get registered on the website but wasn’t able to complete the process. The website and Federal Contracting space was new to me, and I wanted to get into the process, but I wasn’t having any luck.

“I came across the KYPTAC site, now KY APEX Accelerator, while searching for help and support. This turned out to be a blessing and it began a year-long relationship with them. Eric and his team not only helped me finalize my registration with, but they also helped in developing my statement of capabilities and introduced me to various small business advocates.

“I can truly say that Eric is a friend now, and without his support, the support of his colleagues, and the entire team at KY APEX Accelerator, I would not be where I am today.”

To learn more about SenezCo, visit their website or email Tony at They would love to hear from you!


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