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Government Solutions and Services (GS2)


Government Solutions and Services LLC (GS2) was established in 2018 with a profound commitment to fostering transformative collaborations between the government and private sectors. The overarching mission centers around the unwavering dedication to not only meet but exceed clients' objectives, and it is this dedication that defines the quintessential GS2 experience.

GS2 stands as staunch advocates for those who aspire to drive change. Your success is not just a marker of company accomplishments, but a catalyst for the betterment of your communities, regions, states and beyond. GS2 pledges to realize your objectives as an integral part of its grand vision to set in motion changes with the potential to shape the world. Within GS2, the team tirelessly works to assist businesses in accomplishing their most intricate strategies through their dependable services, innovative problem-solving and delivery of exceptional results.

The core of GS2's vision lies in creating opportunities for active duty servicemembers, veterans, retirees and their families by nurturing business growth, fostering meaningful relationships and serving as the driving force behind the vital connection between government and the private sector. GS2 draws upon its past experiences to illuminate a future that shines even brighter for servicemembers, veterans and their families. In essence, GS2 is a catalyst for change, bridging sectors and building a better tomorrow.

The GS2 team, despite its compact size, demonstrates significant effectiveness in achieving a broad range of mission objectives. GS2 specializes in program and project management, federal medical sales, full-service staffing and recruiting, strategic planning and business growth development, as well as construction and renovation projects in collaboration with various partner companies. Additionally, GS2 is actively engaged in recycling, reuse and disposal operations through partnerships and its affiliated entity, RTA Dumpster and Recycling. The team also plays a pivotal role in medical sales initiatives, serving federal government agencies, state universities and Department of Defense (DoD) organizations.

Over the past three years, the KY APEX Accelerator organization has played a pivotal role in fostering GS2's understanding of contracting and facilitating its growth through invaluable government connections. GS2 has greatly benefited from the comprehensive online courses offered by KY APEX Accelerator, which have empowered its personnel to navigate the intricacies of local and federal government contracting. Additionally, the leadership team at KY APEX Accelerator has consistently provided unwavering support in the realm of business development. Their guidance and insights have not only enhanced GS2's proficiency in contract procurement but have also facilitated connections with essential government entities, enabling GS2 to expand and flourish in the federal sector.

To learn more, visit the GS2 website at, or contact the President and CEO, Blaine Hedges, at


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