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Company Spotlight: Spray-Tec Inc.

Spray-Tec Inc. specializes in Commercial Roofing, Spray Foam Insulation and Concrete Flooring Systems. Consider them a "full service" Contractor; they have solutions for almost every area of your facility (roof, walls, floors). Their specialty is Restoration! 30 Years in Business; Family-Run and Woman-Owned with Safety, Quality and Service at the forefront of everything.

They've worked with public, private and government organizations for over 30 years. Receiving assistance through Bid Match and other resources from the KYPTAC are welcomed additions to their Business Development efforts! Thanks to KYPTAC, they are confident they will continue to build NEW, long-term relationships in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.

For more information or to contact them, please visit our website or you can follow their social media account


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