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Company Spotlight: Exactration

One of the most exciting parts of a consultant’s job is learning about all of the amazing things that are happening right here in Kentucky. We even get to visit client sites occasionally (or did pre-COVID, and are eager to do so again!). One such innovative client is Debbie Terrell of Exactration, in Shepherdsville. Exactration is a woman/family-owned business that designs, engineers, fabricates, and services industrial filtration and separation equipment for the automotive and steel industries, as well as other manufacturers. Debbie and Brent, her husband and partner, support the local economy by employing five people. Exactration is a portmanteau of the words “exact” and “filtration,” and exact filtration is precisely what they do: the company specializes in magnetic separation ad removal of ferrous particles in coolants, and oil separation. The oil separation process removes unwanted tramp oils from coolant or wash solutions, allowing their customers to recycle the coolant and wash solutions. Their products both support environmental responsibility and help customers save money by filtering their fluids. What sets their products apart from traditional barrier filters is that they have developed technology to remove only the exact materials targeted.

The company, which holds five patents on two filters manufactured on-site, has been in business since 2009. They also have the capability to custom engineer and fabricate parts to integrate new components seamlessly into existing equipment. Exactration was recognized by the SBDC just last month, as one of the 2020 Kentucky Pacesetter Award Winners. Debbie and Brent are always striving to grow their business and expand their product line; their impressive list of past and current customers includes several automobile manufacturers, companies such as ALCOA and US Steel, and many manufacturers. Exactration has been a PTAC client since 2019, and Debbie is currently exploring the DLA small purchasing market. You can learn more about the company at


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