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Blair Technologies

By Griffin Melzer, Procurement Consultant


Getting to know clients and the impacts they make on Kentucky is the best part of any PTAC consultant’s job. One such client, Blair Technologies located in Covington, KY is a great example of the positive impacts happening to the small business community. Blair specializes in the processes and services related to IT Hardware change such as planning, acquisition, operations, maintenance, manufacturing, and end-of-life services. As a top performer in its industry, Blair stands out amongst the best when it comes to large inventories, fast-fulfillment, customization, and more.

Blair began in 2005, under Andy Blair and since then has relocated 4 times due to expansions. Their continued growth led them to Kentucky and new industry heights, becoming experts within the ecommerce marketplace and beyond. Along the way they picked up multiple Inc 5000 awards, Top Worldwide MAR recognition, Top Place to Work since 2016, and the Fast 55 award. Blair is a recently joined and very engaging client who has only expressed the desire to further contribute and promote the Kentucky economy. With the unmatched capabilities in IT hardware change, Blair is looking to assist the local government like school systems who are in need of the expertise they have to offer.

With a mission of saving the world one computer at a time and providing exceptional products and services, Blair Technology continues to grow and enhance the lives of its customers, partners, and employees. Additionally, Blair continues to provide hundreds of job opportunities while fueling community growth through local partnerships and numerous outreach initiatives, including School Programs, Veteran, and Law Enforcement Agencies.

To read more about Blair Technologies and their transformative services, visit their website here.

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