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ARMAG CORPORATION – Patented Design Achieves High-Strength RF/HEMP Protection For Modular Facilities

For over 50 years, Armag Corporation has led the way in physical security. Their secure modular structures have protected some of the most sensitive assets in the military, intelligence, and commercial sectors. As technology advances and new threats arise, Armag meets the challenge with a combination of innovative designs grounded on time-tested principles.

With the growing use of digital and wireless technologies, radio frequency and electromagnetic waves are a significant security concern. Any military, government, or civil agency can be vulnerable to the destructive force of a High-Altitude Electro Magnetic Pulse (HEMP). Additionally, facilities needing to securely process and store data need to protect against internal RF and electromagnetic emanations (TEMPEST).

In response to the growing need for protection in this field, Armag developed the Armag Shielded Enclosure. The shielded enclosures are custom designed to accommodate any facility needing RF and electromagnetic protection. This includes SCIFs, C4ISR systems, ground and relay stations, generators, chillers, and more.

The shielded enclosures protect against EMP/HEMP, exceeding MIL-STD 188-125, and provide Emanations Security (TEMPEST) up to frequency attenuation specified in NSA 94-106.

Like their other secure structures, Armag’s Shielded Enclosures are modular. The shielded enclosure’s proprietary modular design offers many advantages, including, flexible square footage, manufactured in a relatively short time, and is delivered ready to “plug and play”.

While these features make Armag’s Shielded Enclosures a must-have for many facilities, it’s their patented seam design that provides perhaps the most unexpected advantage. In larger modular structures, the seams that join together separate units are critical to the structure’s integrity. The special design of Armag’s seams allow for modular shielded enclosures up to 5,000 sqft. Now, larger pre-fabricated facilities can block emanations and/or maintain operations during an external EMP/HEMP event.

Should the facility need to be relocated, the shielded enclosure can be dismantled and re-deployed, maintaining its shielding integrity. Accelerated life cycle testing has demonstrated the ability of the patented seam design to last over 20 years. The seams are also fully inspectable, so there’s no guessing as to its condition and ability to provide protection.

Recently, Armag designed, fabricated, and successfully tested a 1,000sqft double-wide facility to meet shielding effectiveness requirements in NSA 94-106. The facility would be used for highly sensitive operations concerning national security. The facility was manufactured in Armag’s controlled environment and was installed by Armag technicians within a matter of days.

Through a combination of real-world experience, subject matter expertise, and technical innovation, Armag provides uncompromised physical security solutions. The patented design of Armag’s Shielded Enclosures means that critical facilities can now be versatile and secure regardless of size.

Visit the EMP/RF Shielded Enclosures page to learn more.

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